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The London Mudlark-hand pulled screen print-edition of 25

£148.50 / On Sale

After borrowing some collected treasure from an avid London mudlark, I made drawings of objects that range from myriads of clay pipes, Baroque crotal bells, 17th century toy birds, green men from 16th Century Bellarmine jars, a Phillip of Spain and Mary shilling (very rare),19th century ceramics, pins and fasteners.
This tiny set of fragments does not even begin to represent the layers of life along the Thames from marine fossils, Iron age and Roman settlements to the great city of trade and commerce that has existed for over 2000 years. Every day new objects and glimpses of previous London lives are washed up on Thames side beaches and are picked over by careful enthusiasts who take their name from the hundreds of scavenging men, women and children who tried to scratch a living from what the tidal Thames would leave them in Victorian times.
this print is signed and numbered by the artist
shipping for this item would be £6.99